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Monday, November 9, 2015

Book of the month: October

"Well hello everyone!" Is usually the greeting Tyler Oakley gives to his 7+ million subscribers since 2007!

In October the Internet sensation and all around OG of the YouTube world  released his memoir titled Binge.

 I've been a fan of Tyler for a while. He's not afraid to be himself and loves fangirling about one direction (something I love to do myself).

He's very entertaining in a no holds bar way and isn't apologetic about it.

It's the same way with this book. From chapters about his love for poop (yes, really), coming out, his past relationships, his struggles and family life to meeting people like Michelle Obama and one direction and finally gaining fame with YouTube.

As I was reading I actually could hear his voice in my mind. His charisma and flamboyancy in storytelling really showed in his writing and it kept me interested in keeping on reading.

But what struck me the most was that he wrote about his hardships:

Dealing with an eating disorder and body image
A lot of people can relate to and I can only imagine how hard it was for Tyler to talk about. He referred his overweight self as "fat Tyler" and discussed how he lost complete control of his relationship with food and the dangers of over excising. 

Dealing with his parents divorce
 In which he describes as stressful and full of messy custody battles.
 His estranged relationship with his very religious dad
He mentions that he never really got along with him as a child and when he came out they lost touch.

 A boyfriend who he calls "the one that got away"
In a chapter he recalls a on and off relationship that lasted two years. 

 Being in an abusive relationship 
He didn't give much detail, but he mentions how toxic it was being in relationship was and how he decided to leave it.

Between these heavy topics, there are fun and light chapters too:

Disney Princes
Tyler who is a huge fan he ranks each  Disney prince

20 Things I'd Do If I was Beyonce For A Day
The title is self explanatory (I mean who hasn't thought about this). Some of the things he'd do include: Going door to door surprising unsuspecting people, Call up the ex-members of Destiny's Child (There were three of them, who knew?) and give them pep talks and recreate "Lady Marmalade" (somebody make this happen)

Unnecessary Holiday Traditions 
 Basically a list of traditions that make no sense or unnecessary such as ground hog day, singing "Happy Birthday" to someone (I agree with this one. It's totally awkward) and leap day.

It is a very fun and interesting read for fans and people who are curious to know more about the Youtube Phenom that is Tyler Oakley!

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