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Friday, August 7, 2015

Book of the month: July

This month I read "paper towns" by John Green in honor of the movie release on July 24th!

Like many people I had read Green's first best seller "The Fault In Our stars" which also got adapted into a movie in 2013 and loved both adaptions, which is rare because the books are always better.

Like TFIOS, "Paper Towns" is a profoundly moving story of love and the struggles of growing up. The story follows high school senior Quentin (who goes by Q), he's not the most popular or outgoing kid and like many are looking forward to graduation and moving on to the next chapter of life: going to college.

As graduation nears, he spends a night on a scavenger hunt with his popular, mysterious neighbor and crush Margo helping her prank  all over town.

For Quentin this is the most crazy thing he's done in his life, but this is probably the first time in a while Margo knows he exists so  he helps her out.

After their adventure Margo disappears which she's known to do often, but this time it goes on for far longer.  Quentin takes it upon himself to try to find her with cryptic clues that she's also known to leave behind. So with the help of his friends  they head on a road trip that they will never forget.

As I read the story I would think back to my high school years and like Quentin I was never the one to take too many chances. I stuck to what I knew and felt comfortable with, but I also do think we all have met a Margo at some point in our lives that has pushed us out of our comfort zone and be carefree  and go on adventures without a single hesitation. Like the book quotes: What's the point of being alive, if you don't at least try to do something remarkable?

The point of life is to try to do something you never thought you could do because it might lead to something amazing that you'll remember for the rest of your life!

In my opinion, I think reading YA stories as an adult leaves more of impact then the audience it's targeted to. The reason is, I feel that while your reading you'll associate more with what's going on because you've already lived it and you'll think of those memories or it'll make you look back and wish you did something in certain situation that's happening and relate to the character.

Tell me if you've read and what you think of "Paper Towns" and tell me your favorite John Green book down in the comments!