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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Product spotlight: ColourPop Cosmetics

 So as many of you can tell from reading my blog I love to try out new products, especially if they are affordable and today's post is no different!!

I had heard and seen some stuff about colourpop for a few months and it was a line that I hadn't tried before, so a few weeks ago I decided to buy some stuff.

The products range from 5-20 dollars and if you sign up for their newsletter you will automatically get 5 dollars off your first purchase!!

I bought 3 of their lipsticks, an eyeliner and eyeshadow...

 Satin lipstick in the color Brooklyn ($6)

This is a hot pink tone with a satin finish

 A muted pinky/muave tone

They also came out with a new formula for their lippie sticks called Matte X ($5)

 Chateau which a deep red/wine color


Super shock eyeshadow in envy ($5) 

Violet purple with cooper and purple sparkles

I rate each:

 Ultra satin- 7/10  
-Super pigmented
-Not drying
-Glides on easy
-Long lasting
-Not smudge proof

Ultra Matte- 8.5/10
-Super pigmented
-Smudge proof
-Dries instantly
-Can get flaky Tip: mosturize lips before applying
-can feather 

Lippie stick- 6/10

-Great color pay off 
-Not drying
 -Not smudge proof
-Can feather over time

Eyeliner- 9/10

-Glides on easily
 -Doesn't move
-Does need a few applications to get good color pay off

Super shock shadow- 9/10

-Very pigmented
-Lasts all day
-Glitter does scatter

The picture on the left is when I just put on the look (líp satin, eyeliner, eyeshadow) right- 5 hours after heat, food and drink

As you can tell the eyeliner and eyeshadow did stay on pretty well. There is still a faint stain on the lips so it needs reapplying (which is a little annoying because I love the color) 

Overall I was impressed with how pigmented these products were, especially for the price of the products!

I will definitely buy more of their eyeliner, eyeshadow and ultra matte lipsticks in the future!

If you have tried out any colourpop products tell me which ones are your favorite? Comment down below! 

I hope you guys liked this review or found it helpful! 

-Lupita ❤️

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